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Accuracy determines how likely a creature is to hit its opponents with basic attacks and spells. More specifically, it applies to melee attacks and most AoE spells and abilities. Ranged attacks and “skill-shot” spells, instead, always hit the opponent if they're aimed correctly. It is contrasted by the target’s Fortitude, Evasion and Willpower modifiers, depending on the type of attack. Accuracy is determined by a creature’s Perception.

Accuracy formula[edit | edit source]

 \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{Accuracy} = [Base + (PER * (15 + Bonus))]





Bonus depends on the creature's Natural Perception:

{\textstyle  \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{Natural Perception} < 20 \to \text{Bonus} = 0





{\textstyle  \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{Natural Perception} >= 20 \to \text{Bonus} = 10





Base Accuracy[edit | edit source]

Base Accuracy vary on creature type.

Race Base Accuracy

Items with Accuracy[edit | edit source]

Item NameSlotAccuracyAccuracy from Recipes
LongbowRanged----+60 if made with Rope and Yew Wood
Quaterstaff2H----+60 if made with Yew Wood
ShortbowRanged----+60 if made with Rope and Yew Wood
Stag HeaddressHead+30----
Wooden Club1H----+60 if made with Yew Wood