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Law vs. Chaos
Good vs. Evil Lawfull Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil

On Fractured, each character is always categorized as Good, Neutral, or Evil. These three titles, built on the classic D&D moral spectrum, are collectively known as Alignment.

Coherently to the spirit of the game, the Alignment of your character is not set in stone – you’re free to choose it any time you take a Resting phase, just before memorizing your spells and setting your Talent points! Not all the three options are always available, however, as race, location and Karma might restrict your choice.

Humans are born with slightly positive karma, and can choose any alignment.

Beastmen are born with a highly positive karma rating. While resting on Arboreus, you may only choose a good alignment for your Beastman character. When resting on a different planet, you can instead pick Neutral too. By doing so, you are allowed to commit criminal actions that could lower your Karma to the point your home planet and race will start rejecting you, walking the frightening journey that end with the transformation of the Beastman into an Abomination. You cannot switch your alignment to evil on Arboreus.

Demons are born with a strongly negative Karma, and they can’t make it better on their home planet. So, when you create a new Demon, you’re restricted to an Evil alignment. When resting on other planets, you can gain Karma to the point you can set your character as Neutral too. Eventually, once your Karma is high enough, you can start walking the path that will lead your Demon to reach its Redeemed form, the Angel.

Your character may also be flagged, this will also restrict your alignment.

• Thief, This can be attained by steal from a player with a Good or Neutral alignment. It will last for 24 real world hours and will prevent you from choosing a good alignment.

• Murderer, This comes into play when you execute a player with a Good or Neutral alignment. It will last for 48 real world hours and you're forced to choose an evil alignment.

You can change your alignment within the limits of your race.

You are quickly drained of all vital energies if you step into a Good-only area' as Evil character.