Alpha 2 Monster skill/ Item drops

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Monster Skill-Item drop! (Alpha2).png
Monster Location map!

Hey every one my name is Broheim007 or you may know me by BigBad. I started playing Fractured this recent alpha phase and was streaming it on Twitch. While we were playing and exploring this vast world, our lovely mod EletricFROOT made a wonderful monsters skill and item drop table. Unfortunately he is unable to play BUT he sat through 20+ hours of stream footage and stayed up with me over 24 hours to make this for you guys. Not everything is 100%, but we took the effort to make sure it was as correct as possible. I want to make sure i give a huge shoutout to LittleMissCross and Maze we found a spread sheet that calculates the reagents for enchanting and that inspired us to make this for you all. I plan on following up on this post with a map of the monsters that were on the list so you know were to find them!