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Evasion determines how likely a creature may be able to mitigate or dodge incoming melee attacks and some AoE spells or abilities. It also helps at avoiding traps and at reducing or negating the Snared status effect. It is contrasted by the attacker’s Accuracy, and is determined by a creature’s Dexterity.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

 \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{Evasion} = [Base + (DEX * (15 + Bonus))]





Base = 0 for Human players, but can vary depending on creature type.

Bonus depends on the creature's Natural Dexterity:

{\textstyle  \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{Natural Dexterity} < 20 \to \text{Bonus} = 0





{\textstyle  \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{Natural Dexterity} >= 20 \to \text{Bonus} = 10





The chance to evade an attack or avoid an effect through Evasion is:

 \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{Chance} = \frac{Target Evasion}{Attacker Accuracy + 1250}