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A primitive pair of gloves made of raw animal hides skinned on a Fleshing Beam.

Provides reasonable physical resistances but impairs your ability to dodge enemy attacks and increases the amount of mana required to cast spells.

Hide Gloves
Icon HideBracers.png
Max Stack:  1
Quantity crafted:  1
Time required:  4
Evasion:  -20
Slash Armor:  +32
Pierce Armor:  +22
Crush Armor:  +25
Mana Malus:  +10%
Weight:  1kg

Crafting materials needed[edit | edit source]

Icon AnimalHide.png 2 Processed Animal Hide
Icon LinenThread.png 1 Linen Thread

Hide Gloves as an ingredient[edit | edit source]

Hide Gloves is not used in any recipes.

Version history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
  • Introduced into the game.
  • Crafting time reduced from 2 to 4.
  • Description changed to indicate it takes more mana to cast spells while wearing