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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Fractured. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[edit | edit source]

Travel and exploration are key components of the Fractured experience, which requires distances be meaningful and the world to not feel empty.

Character Creation[edit | edit source]

Character creation consists of choosing a race, assigning attributes, and defining your character background.

Step 1 - Race[edit | edit source]

The choice of race is the most impactful you’re going to make in your Fractured experience. It determines on which planet you start your journey and the ruleset you’ll be subject to – something far greater than what you’ve likely experienced in other MMOs.

Other than that, different race – and families – come with a set of advantages and disadvantages such as unique abilities and backgrounds, basic statistic modifiers and attribute variations.

Step 2 - Attributes[edit | edit source]

Once you’ve selected your race, it’s time you decide how to set your main character attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Perception, and Charisma.

You’re given a pool of Creation Points that can be distributed among the six attributes – 100 if your new hero is a Beastman or a Demon, 120 if Human. Creation Points can be spent to increase your attributes from their minimum value of 6 up to their cap, which is normally 18 but can change according to the character’s race and family (as shown in the table below, which lists cap variations by race). If the value of an attribute is below 10, you’ll suffer maluses to all the statistics related to it – that’s why it’s convenient to raise each up to 10, particularly for inexperienced players.

Step 3 - Background[edit | edit source]

Each kind of background grants you a different set of abilities already learnt to level 1, plus some known crafting recipes and starting equipment. All character backgrounds available are pre-defined – you can’t choose the exact abilities, recipes and equipment you already know or own. This choice has been taken to have new heroes always start with a set of abilities and equipment that synergize properly with each other, allowing new players to have a more effective early game experience. Once your character learns new abilities and gains talent points, its background will no longer be significant.

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