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Melee Damage is applied to any type of melee damage inflicted by a creature. It's determined by the creature’s Strength, expressed as a percentage, and its value can either be positive (Damage Increase) or negative (Damage Reduction).

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

 \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{Melee Damage}(\%) = [-40% + Base + (STR * (4% + Bonus))]





Base = 0 for Human players, but can vary depending on creature type.

Bonus depends on the creature's Strength:

{\textstyle  \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{STR} < 20 \to \text{Bonus} = 0\%





{\textstyle  \pagecolor[RGB]{15,15,15} \color[RGB]{180,160,140} \text{STR} >= 20 \to \text{Bonus} = 2\%





Items with Melee Damage[edit | edit source]

Item NameSlotMelee DamageMelee Damage from Recipes
Bear Claws PendantNeck+12%----
Brown Bear HeaddressHead+12%----
LongbowRanged----+24% if made with Rope and Dead Wood
Quaterstaff2H----+24% if made with Dead Wood
ShortbowRanged----+24% if made with Rope and Dead Wood
Wooden Club1H----+24% if made with Dead Wood