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Icon Round Necromancy.png

The school of Necromancy mastered several ways to steal, extinguish or manipulate the energy flowing within living creatures.

Necromancy spells deal with powers that bring death or decay, but they’re also able to corrupt Elysium’s primal energy and infuse it into the bodies of fallen creatures and mechanical constructs, animating them into new, twisted forms of life. Moreover, thanks to blood magic techniques, the caster can link its own energy to that of other creatures in order to create powerful connections to spread curses and ravage its victims from within.

The power of most abilities belonging to this school depends on the Intelligence and Charisma of the caster.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

BlightMana Cost: 300
Icon Blight.png
You infect the target with the Necrotic Disease. The victim is entitled to a Fortitude save throw to negate this spell in full.Cooldown: 25
School: Necromancy
Allowed Weapons: Melee/Ranged (Light/Medium), Mage, UnarmedAllowed Armor: Light/Medium
Paralyzing TouchCold Damage: 200Mana Cost: 300
Icon ParalyzingTouch.png
You touch the target creature, which receives Cold damage and is Paralyzed. A successful Willpower save throw can negate the paralysis.Cooldown: 15
School: Necromancy
Allowed Weapons: UnarmedAllowed Armor: Light/Medium