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The resting mechanic is quite straightforward. When you start a resting phase, your character sits on the ground, and you are presented with a menu through which you can re-assign your talent points and choose the spells and abilities you want to memorize for your next adventure. The number of memorized abilities is not fixed, but is positively influenced by the Intelligence of your character.

Resting involves no forced waiting time – once you’ve made your decisions, just confirm them and your hero will be ready to go. Moreover, it will have recovered all of its Endurance, Life and Mana, and be cleansed of all negative status effect (besides long-term curses).

There’s no limit to the amount of resting phases you can take in a day – but of course they would lose all their strategic importance if you could have one at any time! That is why you can rest only in a safe location where your character can sit in front of a fire – be it your home, a friend’s mansion, a public tavern, or even a proper temporary camp.

Memorized vs In-Hotbar Abilities[edit | edit source]

The number of abilities you can memorize during a resting phase is not fixed. This means their number can be greater than what fits the abilities hotbar at the bottom of your screen! How are you able to use them all in combat then?

Well, you can’t – not at the same time at least, since spells in your hotbar are the only ones you can actually cast. At any time when out of combat, however, you can take an abilities out of the hotbar and replace it with a memorized one of your choice. This operation is not restricted as resting phases are – it’s enough you aren’t in the middle of the action really!