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Talent Tree (A2 Test 3 Roadmap)

Talents in Fractured are ability improvements and other benefits gained through knowledge.

The Knowledge System has been first introduced in A2-T1, but only its core – ability learning – has made it into the game then. In A2-T3, we’re adding a secondary (yet very impactful) component to it: the Talent Tree!

The Talent Tree adds a ton of variety to your character builds and strengthens the feeling of character progression by allowing you to exchange Knowledge Points for Talent Points instead of spending them to learn discovered abilities. The current conversion cost is 1,000 Knowledge Points : 1 Talent Point.

Each character can unlock up to 60 Talent Points, which can be assigned on a tree consisting of 90 different nodes, which each node providing a different bonus and accepting a different amount of points. In sum, a classic RPG talent tree, with the peculiarity that you can create multiple talent presets and memorize a different one each time you rest – just like with abilities, no timed or paid respecs!

There are differences in talent tree for races/tranformations.

List of talents[edit | edit source]

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